#NoLockdownOnRights – The relevance of UN mechanisms amidst the pandemic: the Philippine context

29 May 2020

Under the global pandemic, cooperation through the United Nations highlights the importance for physical distancing and other coordinated health responses to the COVID-19 virus around the world. In a similar spirit, engaging UN human rights mechanisms have proven salient in efforts to draw attention to human rights violations in various countries and press for their rectification.

Given the pressing situation in the country, engagement with the UN HRC as a platform for accountability, justice and advocacy is increasingly imperative.

#NoLockdownOnRights will weigh COVID-19 responses against the inalienable, universal, indivisible, and interrelated character of human rights and standards in upholding them, particularly in light of the observations of widespread and systematic human rights violations as well as a further shrinking of democratic space in the Philippines. First-hand testimonies, inputs from UN Special Rapporteurs and analyses by civil-society, human rights leaders will articulate perspectives and focus energy for the furtherance of promoting and defending human rights.

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